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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to notice the changes in the symptoms?
    Within the first 10 days, You can start noticing the changes in health, energies of the body, functionalities of the body will start to regularize.
  • Does Herbal Products have side effects?
    No, Our products are completely safe and doesn’t have any side effects. They are completely Herbal & natural.
  • Are the Herbal Products safe?
    Yes, Our herbal products are completely safe, they have been tested clinically to be safe to consume.
  • Can we take herbal nutrition if I am currently under medication?
    Absolutely, The consumption of herbal nutrition helps speed up the recovery process, also the herbal nutrition helps removing the toxins out of the system that can be produced as a result of consuming chemical based medication.
  • Why use herbal medicine?
    The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 4 billion people in the world use herbs. Herbs have been used medicinally by all cultures throughout history and presently in primary health care. Today, an increasing number of Americans & people around the world are using herbal medicine to treat their health conditions.
  • Does Herbal Products have any added chemicals / flavours / preservatives?
    No, Our Herbal Products are completely Natural, Herbal and chemical free. No paraben, No sulphate, No added preservatives, No colours added.
  • What is the dosage of Herbal Products?
    Each product has its own dosage qty, which is always mentioned on respective products. Also, follow the dosage recommended by the physician / pharmacist.
  • How long the herbal nutrition should be consumed?
    It depends on person’s body nature, state of mind and stage of the disease. However consuming the herbal nutrition for at least 48 days, has been proven to be effective for long term benefits. Regular consumption of the products for 3 months, known to be ideal for any disease / person / body nature, etc. For long term / lifestyle diseases the usage of herbal nutrition is recommended as long as its needed.
  • How apart should the two herbal products be consumed?
    Please follow at least 15-20 mins gap between doses of each herbal product.
  • What makes our products different than others in the market?
    The success of every treatment lies in the right diagnosis, the right product & the right changes in the lifestyle. What makes our nutrition a 100% success is that our products are prepared traditionally, as per the formulae from the 5000+ years of advanced knowledge in ayurveda. They are prepared at auspicious time, while chanting Vedic mantras which is as per the traditional method. We follow Suryatapana Vidhi to subsume the energy from the sun as well.
  • What are the steps for quality assurance of herbal products?
    We source our organic & premium quality raw materials from a fssai, GMP certified vendors. Products are prepared under the supervision of a qualified ayurveda pharmacist. The formulae used are passed down from generations from Teachers to students as per the tradition of Indian ayurveda. The products are packed and sealed under the clean, safe environment.
  • How is it different from modern medicine?
    Modern medicine tries to treat and remove symptoms rather than treating the root cause. This stems from the view that all people are more or less, the same. Ayurveda makes special contributions by addressing the uniqueness of each patient and by helping each body to heal itself.
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