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About Us


Our mission is to transform one’s life by enhancing their health.


Our vision is to create a disease free society and to provide an experience of true health by using 5000+ years of advanced knowledge in ayurveda and natural healing with traditional formulations that are in line with today’s needs.

Our Management

Our Management

Kumarswamy Kalmath, Founder & Owner of VAGBHATA HERBS

Kumarswamy Kalmath

Founder & Owner

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Kumarswamy was fond of Ayurveda and the Traditional, Natural healing process. He observed that, Even though we are happy and resourceful in this digital world, most emerging technologies have tarnished the traditional methods, leading to a lack of health in individuals.
So, with the aim of a disease-free society and to help individuals who need organic treatment, he started Vagbhata Herbs, An ancient ayurvedic approach.


Best Herbal Startup Award Winner
VAGBHATA HERBS Herbal Wellness Products
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